Build, Research, Survive, Expand. This town-building strategy game will envelop you in a world of progress, logistics, efficiency, resources & needs as you fight to prepare for winter and unlock the secrets of this deceptively cheerful wilderness.


Development for Forgotten Vale started in 2021. It has been entirely self-funded. The game is now ever-nearing release, with all major systems implemented and a beautiful game world ready to test players.


  • Complex economy and production chains.
  • No grid! Players may build buildings & roads anywhere. Snapping & grid functionality is available for players who want it.
  • Complex peer-to-peer logistics. No central inventory means settlers have to transport all resources across a web of roads and depository chains; efficiency matters.
  • Settlers have real needs & lives. They marry & build homes together. Children take on the characteristics of their parents. Settlers go grey & lose their hair as they age!
  • Gaining access to unique new zones, each with different resources, lighting, fauna & flora, requires dedicating massive resources, settlers & time to unlock the way through ancient abandoned structures.
  • Seasons, weather & temperature all affect how your settlement looks, feels & functions. Be prepared for winter!
  • Complete a large research tree with dozens of items that unlock new buildings, production types, efficiencies, research success chances, etc. The diversity of potential research is massive.
  • A beautiful setting and captivating soundtrack that will enthrall you.


There are currently no trailers available for Forgotten Vale. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!



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About Rospeath Studios Ltd

A software engineer turned solo game developer, based in the Cotswolds, England, who loves strategy/RTS/simulation games.
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Forgotten Vale Credits

Andrew Wood
Solo Developer - Rospeath Studios Ltd
Dillan Schmitz – King Aurorus Music
Matheus Silva Martins - Crowzin Art